Friday, March 16, 2012

Battleheart "2" (sort of)

We've been working on a new game for a while - it began life in early 2010 as a sci-fi themed game, back before we started Battleheart, and was shelved after a couple months of pre-production.  Now it's back, and it's changed quite a bit since then - while initially we thought we'd keep with the spaceships and laser guns (some folks might recall me tweeting about a space game earlier this year), as we got into it, we found ourselves just wanting to do more fantasy stuff.  I love swords and magic and monsters, and the game is going to share a lot in common with Battleheart anyway, so why not just call it another entry in the series?  A "spiritual successor" perhaps?

So that's what we've been going with for the last few weeks, and making big progress.  It's still a long ways from release, so don't get too excited yet - the original Battleheart took almost a year to develop, and this game is likely to be bigger in every way.  That said, we're getting better at this stuff all the time, so hopefully it will see release before we're old and grey.

Why have I hesitated to just call it "Battleheart 2" though?  Well, it's going to share a lot of gameplay ideas with Battleheart, but a lot is changing too.  I don't want to go into intense detail yet, but I can share some of our objectives.  Battleheart was (as the name implies) all about combat - tricking out your party with a collection of powers and equipment that complement each other, using powers at the right time on the right bad guy... that's the core of the game, and we're keeping and building on that.  But it lacked in two major areas - it had basically no plot, and no exploration.  Our goal with this new game is to maintain the feel of Battleheart's combat, but take it from a simple series of arenas and put it in a more fully formed world to romp around.  It's a little ambitious, but I feel like we're well on our way.